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Garrison’s Values are C.H.O.I.C.E.

Garrison Gutter Guards’ foundation is built on Communication, Honesty, Order, Integrity, Consistency and Efficiency. As a team we must hold one another accountable to uphold these values in order to continue healthy growth for the company. These values are for the greater good of our customers, employees and our success. We must pride ourselves on being the best of the best not only in product, but service and culture.



  • We will schedule times and be prepared to finish jobs with customers.
  • Communication between Marketing, Sales and Installation needs to be clear and open to make sure we have the best experience for our clients.


  • We will be upfront with our customers on the capability of our systems, we will NOT over promise and under deliver.
  • We will be honest and transparent with all our install, sales, and other commissioned positions by providing the proper paperwork on a weekly basis with pay. This can only be achieved by all people involved following the proper system.


  • Systems will be put into place to be followed this gives the ability for the company grow, employees feel valued and not allow for inconsistent reporting, recording, and data entry.


  • Our customers are our life blood.
  • Our word is what sets us above everyone else.
  • Any immoral acts towards others whether it be customers, co-workers or the company will not be tolerated.
  • We admit when we are wrong and take responsibility for our actions at all times, building trust with our team and clients simultaneously. Dishonesty is not and will not be part of our company culture.


  • Our product from Victoria to Moncton, will have the same install consistency, with outstanding quality of workmanship that we are ALL proud of. The experience for the customer will continue to be our main focus and we want them to be satisfied from start to finish and for the next 20 years.
  • Accountability to the customer, co-workers, and the company is the only way that Garrison will continue to move forward.


  • Technology will be integrated into all facets of the company to streamline the process from start to finish.
  • The right people for every position will be put into place in order to make the highest of efficiencies without sacrificing the quality of our product and the experience for our customer.
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