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We appreciate our customers doing research and making sure they are getting the very best gutter guards available. Here are some of the questions we hear most often. If you have any other questions about how the guards work or the warranty we offer, please feel free to contact us anytime or have a look at our Homestars reviews. We are confident in our product and in our customer service.

Do I need to replace the entire eavestrough?

No, Garrison Gutter Guards can be retrofitted to existing 5 or 6 inch eavestrough. We will clean, seal, reinforce and realign as necessary to ensure the product is installed for optimal performance.

Will you need to remove shingles, tie it into the roof and will the installation effect my roof warranty?

No, we do not need to remove shingles or tie into the roof. Garrison Gutter Guards will never affect your roof warranty. Garrison is the most versatile gutter guard in the industry with the most installation options to accommodate any home.

Will the guards clog?

No, our gutter guards do not clog. We offer a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty on the Garrison Gutter Guard with a no-clog guarantee. Our gutter guard has a mesh opening of 440 microns which is the optimal size to keep out fine debris like pine needles and shingle grit yet allow microscopic debris like dust and pollen to pass through and wash away with the rain.

Won't water just flow over top of the guard and not go in to the gutter?

No, Garrison Gutter Guards have the highest “Water Throughput” rating out of any gutter guard in North America according to NCR testing. Not only does the 28 Gauge Galvanized Steel Frame have the most surface area to allow water to pass through but the patented “Raised S Bend” ridges have been engineered to slow the flow of torrential downpours by forcing the water to change direction and pass through better than any other micro mesh gutter guard in the industry.

Will the leaves and debris just sit on the top of the guard?

No, Garrison Gutter Guards do not collect leaves or debris. Not only does the stainless steel mesh prevent organic matter from sticking to it but the  gutter guard is installed on an angle which is how gutter guards should be properly installed. Additionally, the patented “Raised S Bend” ridges allow wind to penetrate in between and blow debris right off.

Will I still need to go up and clean the guards?

No, the Garrison Gutter Guard is a lifetime product that has undergone stringent testing and has been engineered for optimal performance. Once the product has been installed, cleaning the gutters will not be required.

Will the guard rust or corrode?

No, the Garrsion Gutter Guard is made of a 28 Gauge Galvanized Steel Frame and a 304 Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Mesh, both of which will not rust or corrode. The entire product is covered by the manufacturer’s 25 year lifetime warranty.

What about falling branches or ladders? Will that damage my guards?

No, Garrison Gutter Guards are made of a heavy-duty, reinforced 28 gauge galvanized steel frame and a 304 surgical grade stainless steel mesh, both of which are capable of withstanding heavy impact from fallen branches or leaning ladders.

Can squirrels tear away, pry up the screen or damage the guard?

No, unlike other slide-in and glued-on screens, our screens are mechanically crimped in and extremely difficult to pry open. Consisting of a 304 surgical grade stainless steel mesh; squirrels, birds and other animals will not have the ability to damage the guard.

Who will be installing the guards?

Garrison Gutter Guards takes great pride in installing North America’s best gutter guard. As a result, we only install this product using our own in-house installers, no contractors. Furthermore, we have been awarded a “Best of Award Winner 2020” by HomeStars with a very high customer satisfaction rating which is backed by our unparalleled 10-year workmanship warranty.

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